Deep Tissue Massage
Whether you are working too much or working out to much, this massage will surely get the knots out.  Using deeper pressure and special techniques, this massage addresses those stubborn kinks and deep musle aches.  Very beneficial for athletes.

Swedish Massage
The classic therapy for your whole body. The relaxing Swedish massage alleviates pain and stress and helps your body eliminate toxins and absorb more oxygen. Long strokes, kneading, chopping, heat – we will tailor a selection of different techniques to address just what your body needs.    

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Massage Therapies & Foot Reflexology
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Light, very slow, focused, gentle rhythmic massage to assist in the flow of lymph fluids.  It reduces swelling and edema due to injuries, pregnancy, surgeries elective and non-elective.  This gentle massage assists in the regeneration of tissue from burns and scarring due to surgeries or cuts.  All types of surgeries benefit   from lymphatic drainage.  Excellent for immediate relief from all types of headaches sinuses, chronic inflammation or allergies.  

Give someone the gift of pampering!
Foot Reflexology
Reflexology helps release toxins from organs and tired cells while rejuvenating the muscle and tissue.  Recipients have noted that this ancient tool clears emotional debris and allows natural healing within the body. A session will relax you and eliminate tensions. Your more relaxed state will allow endorphins to circulate and gently bring about a feeling of well being.

Detoxifying Sea Salt Scrub
Our Sea Salt Scrub is a delightful treat for your senses and skin.  It is a revitalizing and energizing scrub that will gently exfoliate and soften your whole body. This detoxifying scrub will nourish the skin and reduce rough, dry skin, uncovering a touchable, baby soft, texture unlike you’ve ever felt. This treatment is highly recommended before putting on that skin-baring dress or before self tanning at home.