Skin Tightening System

Our procedure uses  Radio Frequency (RF) to accomplish a number of goals for your body. 
It can tighten the skin, contour it, and also encourage new healthy strands of collagen to grow.

The process helps to firm the face, especially along the jowls and upper neck, and tighten the eyes, 
reducing creeping of the skin and hooding, and cuts down on the under eye bagginess. For the 
general body, the procedure tightens areas made saggy by weight loss and pregnancy, and can 
reduce cellulite. In general, it tightens and lifts the body, reduces areas of the body, flattens and 
smoothes the skin, gets rid of dimples, and helps with the skin's texture.

The results usually last for around as two years; however, they can vary to as little as six months, 
or much longer. Several factors control this: the patient's age, physical condition, how much they're
exposed to the sun, do they smoke, how much weight they lose or gain, their own natural aging 
process, and the area of the body is being treated. 

Side effects are virtually zero, but there have been some reports of slight redness at the treatment 
area, small swelling or bumps, and even tiny heat blisters. None have been reported as lasting more 
than a few days.

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